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Installation on Two Commercial Buildings

Wiring a Large Custom Pole

Installing Overhead Cable on Building

Overhead Active Shielding Lines near a School

Deep Trenching

Trenching Frozen Ground for Underground Cable

System Test in Progress

Active Shielding Cables on Commercial Building

Starting Hole for Tunneling under Driveway

Air Missile (Hole-Hog)

Cutting and Patching Pavement

Small Scale Hydraulic Boring

Composite Pole

Setting a Composite Pole

Hole Auger for Pole Setting

Off-Loading a Custom Steel Pole

Concrete Base for Steel Pole

Mast on Building

Overhead Span

Overhead Span

Overhead Span

Cancellation Wiring on Roof (parallel to power line)

Corner Correction Array

Active Shielding Control Unit - Rev 4.0

High Power Multi-Channel System 
Undergoing Final Adjustment

High Power Multi-Channel System with Monitoring

High Power Two-Channel System

Control and Power Unit - Medium Power - Guarded by Fluffy

2 Channel Control and Power Unit

High Power Unit

Magnetic Field Sensor

Junction Box

Junction Box

What's Inside a Junction Box?

Some of the Hazards of Active Shielding Work

High Altitude Work

High Voltage Proximity



Hazardous Environments


Hard Work & Late Hours

Tree Work

More High Voltage Proximity

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